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5 Great Reasons Why You Need a New Garage Door in Newcastle

By Andrew Fogarty 31 Aug, 2021

5 Great Reasons Why You Need a New Garage Door in Newcastle

Are you considering renovations around your house and making a list of features that you would like to change? Consider adding 'garage door installation' or 'new garage door' to the list. Not many homeowners pay attention to the fact that your garage door is one of the most important features of your home and provides security, safety while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your property. Despite how regularly we use our garage doors, it's easy to take it for granted and forget about it until it breaks down or shows tell-tale signs of wear and tear. However, a high-quality garage door is more than just a door to bring your car indoors, it is an important feature that complements the other design elements of your house while providing significant protection and insulation. Most of us tend to neglect their need for regular maintenance.

What a Custom Garage Door Installation Can Do for Your Home

As garage door Newcastle experts, we have covered the top 5 reasons why investing in a professionally installed new garage door is vital for homeowners and can significantly add to the value of your property:

1. AESTHETIC APPEAL: At Garage Doors and More we completely understand and advocate that a beautifully crafted garage door made with high-quality materials can greatly elevate a property's visual appeal. A custom garage door or custom roller door comes in various options regarding design patterns, colours and materials to choose from. With so many modern options it is easy to create a new garage door that complements your existing facade and architectural style of your home. Exceptionally crafted new garage doors enhance the kerb appeal and overall appearance of a home and provide a stunning driveway that will delight you for years to come.

2. GREATER SECURITY & SAFETY: New garage doors come with more modern and comprehensive security features that eliminate the possibility of being vulnerable to intruders. If your old garage door is not regularly serviced or is not working as it should, you are risking your family's safety and the security of your house. A new garage door will be purposefully built to offer higher security levels and will be more resilient against break-ins giving you complete peace of mind.

3. ENERGY EFFICIENT: A garage door not only provides security but is also a great feature that regulates indoor temperatures. Today's new garage doors are made with robust materials to provide better insulation, keep the harsh climate on the outside and effectively reduce utility costs associated with heating and cooling your home. New garage doors will be more energy-efficient and add to your savings in the long run.

4. LESS MAINTENANCE: Spend less time and money on maintenance and servicing when you get a professional new garage door installation on your property. Save tons of money that you would normally spend to maintain the old one. A new garage door will also be safer to use and help you avoid injuries or repairs done to vehicles caused by the old malfunctioning garage door.

5. BUILT TO LAST: Cheap and old garage doors show their damage easily and wear out far too quickly leaving you with costly repairs. A new garage door Newcastle is a great option to consider as custom garage doors are built with quality materials to last a lifetime and mechanisms to prevent early failure. With modern manufacturing and technological advancements, a new garage door will certainly perform better, operate smoothly, quietly, and come with additional features for your ease of use and convenience.

Find out more about garage doors and our custom garage door range by calling Garage Doors and More today. You can reach us by calling 02 4954 3866 and we will be happy to supply and install a new garage door to give your property the boost it needs.

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