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Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Roller Doors Installation

By Andrew Fogarty 27 Jul, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Roller Doors Installation

Commercial roller doors are convenient and highly efficient shutters that serve as the first step between you and your customers. That is why when choosing a roller door for your business needs it is extremely important to take the time to choose one that is durable, functional, classy and offers a lot of practical advantages. By choosing the right roller door or sectional door you will be saving money and time in the long run and in this blog post, we are helping you learn how to make the right commercial roller door choice for your business premises.

Difference Between Residential Roller Doors and Commercial Roller Doors

The biggest difference between commercial roller doors and residential roller doors is the frequency of use. Residential roller doors are raised and lowered a few times during the week, while commercial roller doors open and close several times in just an hour. Commercial doors also serve as the load-in point for trucks, new equipment, supplies, and tools coming into the business or factory. These doors are extremely vital in the day-to-day operations of a business, so the commercial roller doors need to be reliable, safe, and durable for heavy use throughout the year.

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How to Choose The Best Commercial Roller Door For Your Project?

With a huge variety of commercial roller doors and industrial sectional doors available in the market, with different styles, looks, materials, features and specifications for almost any application, how do you know which is the right roller door for your business?

  • Material: pay special attention to the material used and if it's higher-grade to offer complete durability, strength, and longevity. With so many options available for industrial door installation, take time to speak with a trusted, professional, and experienced roller door company that will work with you and guide you to find the right roller door, made with industrial-grade materials, that your business needs.
  • Size: it is important to note the exact size necessary for your commercial roller door installation. A roller shutter larger than your requirement will waste energy, require more maintenance, and can also result in slow speeds associated with a heavier door. Make sure your roller door selection matches your needs and criteria as that will save you initial investment, running costs and hassle in the long run.
  • Reliability: other key criteria when choosing an industrial roller door is its reliability or if it is robust enough to stand regular wear and tear. Make sure that your choice of commercial sectional door is reliable and robust that will last for years.
  • Speed: for any commercial operation it is crucial that your roller door is quick and safe to use.
  • Seal: another particularly important thing to keep in mind for industrial or commercial applications is the roller door seal. Make sure that the industrial roller doors have a tight seal so that when it is closed there is minimal airflow between the two segregated zones keeping the space insulated - also saving you on energy costs to maintain temperature.


Experts In Commercial Roller Door Installation & Repair

At Garage Doors and More, we repair, service and install all types of commercial roller doors and commercial sectional doors with expertise. Our expert technicians also offer maintenance on commercial roller doors, cover all your breakdown repair needs, and offer replacement of parts. In addition, we also install custom built commercial roller doors that are affordable and great looking to secure factories, warehouses, and sheds.

Browse our website for a full rundown of all the services and robust roller doors we offer and don’t forget to check out our gallery for a glimpse at how we have been able to transform properties with our industrial doors that come in a range of finishes and materials delivering strength and durability for years and years. For new commercial roller door installation Newcastle, Tamworth, or Coffs Harbour, contact our knowledgeable team as we are certain to have the perfect roller or sectional door for your commercial application. Get in touch with us today!

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