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Getting a New Garage Door? Follow These 5 Tips To Make The Right Choice

By Andrew Fogarty 30 Dec, 2021

Getting a New Garage Door? Follow These 5 Tips To Make The Right Choice

A quality made and installed new garage door will last decades, even a lifetime. If you are considering installing a new garage door keep reading to find out some tips in making the best decision. We recommend spending a little extra time and effort making the best choice possible, and avoid cheap garage doors for long lasting comfort, safety, security and peace of mind. When choosing a new garage door, it is important you consider some key tips that will help you make an informed decision.

  • Quality: Carefully inspect the quality of the garage door, fittings and security features when buying a new garage door. As the largest moving object and entry point in your home, it is important for your garage door to be high quality to last you a long time without constantly needing repairs and replacement. Do keep in mind the supplier and the quality of installation that you will receive as that too makes a huge difference.
  • Safety: A home with a garage is a wonderful thing as it keeps the property safe, provides extra storage and a place to park your vehicles. These benefits are no good if you don't have a safe garage door. When you install a Tamworth new garage door ensure all safety features suit your needs. Some of the features can be battery backup, keypads, lock for manual use, remote control, safety PE beams and much more. Take the time to inspect and get high-quality springs, cables, rollers and pulleys to rest assured knowing you have made the right choice and the safety won't be compromised.
  • Appearance and Visual Impact: Select a style of garage door that complements the architectural design and colours of your home. This decision will have the biggest impact on the visual appeal and can significantly enhance the curb appeal of your property. Be careful to match the colour, design, style and type to your existing design theme.
  • Manual or Automatic Garage Door: Let your new garage door do all the heavy lifting and get an automatic garage door for ultimate comfort and ease of use. Use the garage door at just a push of the button. Check with your supplier on the varied brands, models of garage door motors, remotes, added security features, quality of the motor and keypads. One thing to keep in mind is regular maintenance of your garage door - whether it is manual or automatic - to avoid wear and tear of parts and keep your garage door working smoothly for years.
  • Go for quality materials that are built to last: Cheap garage doors show their damage easily and wear out far too quickly leaving you with costly repairs. A quality made new garage door Coffs Harbour is a great option to consider as custom garage doors are built with quality materials to last a lifetime and mechanisms to prevent early failure. With modern manufacturing and technological advancements, a new garage door will certainly perform better, operate smoothly, quietly, and come with additional features for your ease of use and convenience. Be sure to understand the warranty when you are getting your garage door and/or garage door motor and what is covered.

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